After working with more than 1,000 clients over the last 17 years in my private practice, I’ve honed my program into three pillars of work to facilitate inward transformations that last.

The Exclusive 1 on 1 Program is for people who feel they have been special all of their lives, who have had a deep desire to do something significant and who have achieved outward success, yet still feel a void of some kind. 

You may not be new to the path.  You may have read a thousand books, studied with master teachers, or even tasted a glimpse of who you really are. And yet there is something in the non-linear realm of the mythic that you have not yet explored. You may have summited the mountain, but you haven’t been able to hear its voice or cultivate a rich, deep relationship with the Heart.  But now, you’re ready.  

My three month program involves a deep and authentic commitment to your own internal process.  It involves stretching yourself beyond what you think you know by combining sound coaching practices and intention setting with advanced intuitive training and sacred techniques to accelerate your perceptual awareness and ability to walk in the world with one foot in the realm of the mythic, and one foot in the realm of ordinary reality.

I guarantee this program will have you evolve beyond the business mental mindset to a deeper understanding of the workings of your life. It will give you powerful tools that will forever alter the way that you see life and radically shift your relationship with yourself.


“There ain’t no guru who can see through your eyes.”
– John Lennon

“I’m so grateful for John’s impeccable support these past months. As a fellow practitioner, John was respectful of my own practice and insights, and was able to offer the guidance and perspective I needed to discover what I couldn’t see for myself. Through our sessions, I was able to get to the heart of issues and experience the release and healing I’ve been working towards for years. John creates a strong and nurturing space for profound experiences of healing and clarity. Although we’d never met in person, his warm and welcoming nature quickly created an atmosphere of trust. John is a gifted guide and ally and the integration of the work we’ve done in sessions continues to unfold in powerful and beautiful ways.”

– Brittney Marie Stauffer, Zion, Utah

“You hold one of the most impeccable spaces for healing I have ever sat in. I am so grateful to be invited in.”
– Jamile Mafi, Burbank, CA

“I have sat in a lot of medicine ceremonies.  This was by far the best one I have ever been a part of,
from start to finish. Thank you.”
– Charles Clay, San Diego, CA



“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
– Albert Einstein


You’ve probably already expanded yourself at a mental level with certain schooling, degrees, and training.  You’re able to see the direct benefits when you apply the knowledge to your life.  Pillar 2 of my 1-on-1 Exclusive Program is like that, except these skills are energetic and overlay onto every area of your life.

When you come into an expanded sense of your non-linear capacities – that is, an expansion on what our culture identifies as our 5 basic senses – you then have access to more information than you’ve previously had to make more educated decisions about your life, business, or other situations. In Pillar 1 of my program you will expand the awareness of yourself.  Then, how can you continue to receive wisdom and insights on a daily or at-will basis?  There’s an opportunity to expand your ability to perceive your life through new perceptual mechanisms.  Pillar 2 of my program is a continuation of the openings that occur in ceremony with very specific and practical tools for enhancing your intuition, your perceptual skills, and your vision beyond ordinary reality.

This is about simple to use practices that shift your perceptual states of awareness and expand your senses. In doing so, you will quickly come to learn the power you have to influence your life beyond the literal, material world.

What will enhanced intuitive abilities do for you?

  • It allows you to make better decisions.
  • It enables you to go beyond a “gut check” and get real, validating information about where to go, who to meet, and what path to take.
  • It allows you to foresee obstacles before they hit you.
  • It allows you to have a certain “knowing” about circumstances and events that you can come to count on.
  • It begins to align your life in more powerful ways, which naturally happens when you’re in a state of Coherence.
  • It puts you in a better flow state and brings opportunities to you, instead of needing to control.

In the application process, if you have questions about how this area of work could benefit your specific situation, I’m happy to answer them.  

I often say that the lessons and gifts received during a Medicine ceremony are like seeds.  It’s important to care for your seeds so they grow into a vibrant garden.  Energetically, are they getting enough water on a daily or weekly basis?  Are there some potential weeds in the garden that could stunt their growth?  How do you continue to tend to your inner soil so that your garden produces trees that flower and bear fruit?  This is where coaching and integration comes in.

To me, life is a series of exploration and execution phases.  The intuitive work is all about the exploration.  Then it’s about “time in action” to implement the insights.  If the energy work is about clearing past karma so that you’re able to step fully and freely onto your highest path, then coaching provides the ongoing support that enables you to actually take those steps.  It’s about continually mining the newly found source of gold within you, allowing even more realizations to unfold and walking on that path of clarity.

Coaching is the key to let these soul realizations filter down into the rest of your life, to let them influence the other layers of you – emotionally, mentally, and literally.  It is the bridge that provides the space between the Mythic and the Literal.

Once per week we will meet for coaching – either via Skype, or in person if you’re local to Southern California.


Here is a summary of my Exclusive
1-in-1 Program Offering

It’s 3 months with me as your Shamanic Ally.

What that means is weekly sessions (60-90 minutes) that consist of coaching for integration. It will also inevitably include working through the challenges that can come up, as well as ongoing energetic support and clearings so that you continually re-align on your soul’s path.

In addition to the coaching sessions, we also include specific time for the expansion of your intuitive knowledge and abilities, consisting of advanced shamanic training that you can apply to your life, relationships, and business.

The relationship also consists of space and land clearings and blessings for both your home and office to remove any obstruction energies for ultimate flow in both of those environments.

In addition, I make myself available to you – at any time day or night – to deal
with any questions, emergencies or issues as they arise.

This is the most intensive program that I offer. It’s beyond coaching and sacred space holding. It is access to ALL that I have access to:  for your life, for your soul’s journey, and all of your endeavors.


“Where you invest your love, you invest your life.”
– Awake My Soul, Mumford & Sons

The fee for an initial session is $250.  


  • You have to be someone I can believe in.
  • You have to be someone that has a big vision for their life.
  • You have to be someone that I would want to be “all in” with.
  • You have to have a firm commitment to always show up, in every sense, even when you don’t feel like it.
  • You have to have a commitment to being open, to emptying your cup so that it can be made full again with a different and new flow.

That’s really it. The rest is handled by Spirit.

If this is you, then please click here to complete the application to see if this program is a fit.  Please know that all sacred medicine experiences happen in Peru.

For me, it is all about the intentionality and space required to facilitate soul healing and true transformations.  If this is what you’re interested in, please click here to complete the application and I’ll contact you.

Ready to talk?
Complete the initial application and we will set up a time for your free consultation.

This isn’t a sales pitch call.
This initial consultation is a 30-minute genuine talk with me about your life, your situation, your challenges, and your options.  At the very least, if my program isn’t for you, I can point you in the direction of information, programs, or people who may be able to help.

“I’ve had some of the best revelations and experiences of my life working with John. I was shocked to realize and uncover the essence of who I am at the core of my existence. John’s process helped me to dig deep and bring forth truths and treasures, which in turn enabled me to feel confident while staying true to who I am as a person. A highlight of his coaching has been his energy clearing work. I was going through some personal turmoil and very painful emotions that brought my career to a dead stop. The energy work was a very moving and powerful experience that helped empower me to ward off negative vibes and open myself up to much more positive energy that continues to fuel my drive and desire to press forward…..  Through working with John, I’ve learned that we are all born with gifts deep within us, and the sooner we discover what those gifts are and bring them to the forefront, the sooner we can have a fulfilled life and become genuinely empowered.”
– Shane Michael Taylor, Country Songwriter, Artist, & Author