A Richness, Within

My private program is the culmination of 15 years of guiding others on a conscious path. It seems that I’ve spent most of my life dedicated to deepening and expanding myself, ever since I was given Think and Grow Rich by my father at 15 years old. Now, at 45, it’s been 30 years of “Growing”.  And I’m grateful for the way that I’ve grown.

Life is so rich. So rich with experiences, beautiful women, and connection points with other people. You may feel rich with the quality of your external endeavors. Yet, what about a true richness within?

Now, what does that consist of? It’s such a personal thing. It’s so immeasurable.

The mind likes to quantify. It loves to measure. It’s based on straight lines.  Yet, the explorations of someone’s inner world is totally non-linear. Try to find a straight line somewhere on your body. You won’t be able to.

See, here’s the thing: It’s easier to trust a straight line. Because then you know what’s coming next. In that context, faith is actually not necessary. What need is there for faith if you can already see the way?

Yet, in these endeavors of the inner landscape, you can’t see around the bend. You actually don’t know what’s coming. Is it clear? Is there some kind of obstruction? Is there something that’s going to swerve at you? You don’t know. You can’t know.

If you can’t know it, then you can’t control it.

I understand what it’s like to be a Type A person who makes things happen, who has created so much in their lives, for themselves and others. As a Type A, we are used to being able to control so many things. We exert our influence.  We are masters of our fate.

Not here.

The buzzwords of the day here are Surrender, Allow, and Let Go. It is important here to “meet the moment” to bring our fullness to the void.

There is a zero point within ourselves when we find true stillness. We then find peace. It is an expansive place that feels awesome to breathe into. Yet, it’s more of a “dropping in” or “falling back into”. A push forward will never get you there.

That’s the thing. The “push”, (which comes so naturally because it has been responsible for so much success in your life), is actually counterproductive here. In order to mine the gold of your inner world, it is important to drop into the non-linear aspects of yourself. The richness within resides through a doorway called Surrender.  Therein lies an infinite power source. Yet, you have to get out of your own way in order to find it.

Would you like to explore a new way?

Come with me. Let me show you.

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