Do you really know your truth?

I once asked an pretty successful guy, “What’s your truth?”

He didn’t know what I was talking about.

Oh, he tried to give me answer. He fumbled along mentioning something, but he didn’t understand what I was asking him.

This was a guy who owned a business and had lots of money. Yet, he couldn’t give me a coherent answer to this simple, but poignant question.

How about you?

How would you answer the question: “What is your truth?”

Phrases with the word “truth” in them are quickly becoming a cliche. Stand in your truth…be your truth… We hear these things all of the time. But what does it really mean for someone to know their truth and align their life around it?

The way I see it, it comes down to knowing two things:

Who You Are
What You Are Here To Do

(Again, very simple phrases that are easy to glaze over and misunderstand, but hang with me.)

Who You Are
I’m not talking about your identity. I’m not talking about anything that has to do with your name or your accomplishments. I’m talking about the aspect of yourself inside that either takes a peaceful, easy breath or a breath that has some form of anxiety (or a shallow one that’s not noticed at all). I’m talking about the aspect of you that is connected to Love and Joy. Or the quality of connectedness that you feel to Love and Joy on an hourly/daily basis, that requires no outside validation whatsoever. Where your default state is one of absolute worthiness and happiness.

“How am I not myself?” – so the question asks from one of my favorite movies, I Heart Huckabees.

It’s being in a relationship with yourself to such a degree that you are clearly able to see the answer to this question on a daily basis.

(That’s what I’m talking about when I say, Who You Are.)

For someone to know their truth, the second part is then knowing What You Are Here To Do.

What You Are Here To Do

When someone has done the personal work required to answer the first question, it then becomes easy to surrender and allow life to happen. This is because the fundamental foundational layer of life is now one of peace, joy, and fulfillment. When we’ve done enough healing work to come to a “zero point”, only then can we step off the momentum that has been hurling us through life, so that our reason for being can come from the future, not the past. When we have anchored in a grand vision for our life that is free from the wounds of the past, then we can simply relax into Who We Are and what the flow of life is bringing to us. When there is this kind of trusting of the universe, there is no need to try to control anything. Or try in any sense. There is simply a meeting of the moment and then simply doing what is required, a la Tai Chi style. The process is one of emptying oneself, slowing down, dropping in, and then just expressing or doing what is true for you in that moment.

When your purpose can unfold in this way, a true alignment naturally takes place between yourself and Spirit, making “What you are here to do” happen effortlessly, gracefully, and often with magical, profound results.

We all want to have our desires fulfilled and move in the direction of our highest path. But if you glaze over the Who You Are part, and only ask, What am I here to do?, then most likely, the results will be based in something other than your highest flow. Often, it will be based in what you think, which comes from the mind and is highly unreliable. It may get you somewhere. But rarely will it lead to happiness.

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