Your “Update” Is Available

“There ain’t no guru who can see through your eyes.”
– John Lennon

Don’t ever let someone else tell you what your truth is. I’ve had the good fortune to explore many different spiritual traditions and paths, going pretty deep down several of them. I love seeing the consistencies among them. However, at times, it’s easy to be convinced by the Truth of someone else. It takes a high level of discernment to discover for one’s own self the proper amalgamation of the Truth that most serves them.

As a Coach and Shamanic Ally, I view my role as being a conduit for Spirit, to be a bridge for others to find their own truth. But I’m very clear – it’s not MY truth that people need to adopt. I’m just a tour guide of the spiritual landscape, taking people to many different areas both within (and on the planet to places like Bali or Peru). I’m often quick to say, “Don’t believe what I’m telling you. Take it in and see if it resonates as Truth. If it does and seems useful, then use it.If it doesn’t, then don’t. I’m good either way.”  

The ceremonies and experiences that I facilitate are a chance for people to ask their own questions and get their own answers. I am a humble facilitator for whatever people might need along the way. I simply hold space and do whatever I feel is required in the moment, always using the slightest touch possible. The least amount of effort or words required to spot someone else in their journey is what I always strive for.

No matter what distinction or path you’re currently drawn to, I pray that we each be able to shed whatever might be holding us back and and move in direction of the highest truth that is available to us.

“Updates Available”
So says the popup in the top right-hand corner of my computer each day. Each day, I click, “Remind me tomorrow.”  So they do, everyday. 🙂

To me, Spirit is just like that:  Providing us with the opportunity for updates and upgrades. We can either choose to receive the upgrade or push it off to tomorrow. I don’t know about you, but for my Mac, I don’t like to install new upgrades. It often screws something up. So I’d rather stick with what is known rather than take the chance on something new, even if it might be better. I think that sums up the spiritual journey for so many people. All in due time. I pray that whenever we are each ready for the personal “update” that we have the courage to take the risk.

If you’re ready, then fill out the application to see if my Private Program is right for you.

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