Helping Successful People Become Successfully Happy

You may already have financial success. You may have reached many pinnacles of accomplishment and what may seem like a great life.

But if you're like me, there begins to be a whisper - a whisper that becomes hard to ignore. It's an inner nudging that often has you realize all of the outward success isn't bringing the full sense of fulfillment or happiness you imagined. It's a feeling telling you there is something more: something you are meant to be or create.

So how do you listen? How do you create that vision and align your life with that calling so you are pulled into something far more meaningful and lasting to your legacy?

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John's Exclusive 1-on-1 Program


After 16 years as a Coach and Shamanic Ally, contributing to the success of over 1,000 people, I have now created what I feel is the most complete and intensive program anywhere for profound inward transformation. I’ve personally explored and implemented countless personal development and consciousness programs. I have now honed my one-on-one work into a select, exclusive program for only 5 clients at a time. It encompasses my three areas of expertise: Sacred Ceremony, Practical Coaching and Integration, and Deep Energy and Intuitive work. My program is for high achieving individuals who have maxed out their development at the level of the mind and are now ready to explore the heights and depths of their consciousness. Get ready to face the final frontier, within.
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What Clients Have to Say....

  • “When John and I started working together, I had a sense that his insights and approach would help define my sense of direction. I was immediately comfortable and confident this would be a valuable investment. As we’ve continued working together, it’s become clear that working with John goes far beyond being “a good idea”. What I’ve experienced, and continue to experience, falls nothing short of a life-changing metamorphosis. Make the investment in John if you’re serious about achieving new levels of meaning in life.”

    George Pavlyak Cincinnati, OH
  • “When I met John, my life was a series of varied accomplishments, yet lacked an inner alignment. John immediately put me on a path of awareness of myself as a person. He helped me see what I wanted to be, finally freeing me of my worst enemy…myself. Thankfully, John’s coaching put me on track to go after my life's true ambition with absolute clarity.”

    Adam Moskowitz New York, NY

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